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For my second batch I used half the amount of dye and cut the soak times by more than 50 percent.The Cold Batch Method: For applying the dye directly onto the fabric.There are so many ways to use our Indonesian Copper Batik Tjaps.Black is a tough color - use a lot of dye and when vat dyeing, double the salt.We also recommend using less soda ash for tie dye and tub dyeing. (Let the tie dye sit for a shorter period of time, ie: 4 hrs.) Also, colors may shift on silk.

However the colours are very limited and these Procion dyes are just beautiful.Some colors can shift dramatically on proteins such as silk and wool (for example, black gives a lovely maroon or brown).In vat dyeing, the Ph of the liquid in which the fabric is submerged is changed to about 10.5 at an appropriate point by the addition of soda ash.Salt is used in the dyeing process as an electrolyte that aids in the absorption of the dyes into the fabric.Of the 3 blacks that work in cooler water, this one gives the deepest black in tub dyeing.

For best tub dyed blacks, use Dharma Dye Fixative in a soak after dyeing.COL-LAB Ion AGEbeautiful Generic Value Products OPI Silk Elements Wella DCNL See All Brands. Hair Removal. Sort By:.We provide those in our tie-dye kits and sell them separately here.Fiber reactive dyes, like Procion MX, bond with the fiber at a molecular level, becoming chemically part of the fabric.Why is mixing dyes to achieve desired colors different from mixing pigments.

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Given this mechanism, dye fixatives are useful with a wide variety of dye types (basically anything that penetrates the fiber matrix and can be wedged there).

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Oil, such as calsolene Oil is a wetting agent used when dyeing tightly woven fabrics for increasing the evenness of dyeing.Overall I am very happy with this black and highly recommend it for tie dye and low immersion applications.Everything you need for tie-dyeing about 50 T-shirts (except the shirts).After a few times using a lesser quality dye I upgraded to Dharma dyes and chemicals.Your discount is figured on the total number of cotton and rayon items we ship, not how.

I just love it:) More on the bluish side which is what I wanted and very deep in colour.Afterfix is Sodium Silicate, a liquid with the consistency of honey.Click the tabs below for complete description and instructions for the numerous techniques you can use these dyes for.Afterfix sets the Procion Dye in the fiber after you have painted the dye on.The dyes themselves are great and worth 5 stars but as an FYI for those planning on working with silk via this method the swatches are not consistently accurate.

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A clear and easy tutorial on how to tie-dye a shirt with the most popular pattern: the spiral.Fun to mix and create new colors and be as creative as you wish to be.

Remember, posters and monitors can vary and are intended as a guide only.Intuition or Hydro Silk Razor or refill excluding disposables,.Dry chemicals and salt not dissolved well before entering the dyebath.If you have never used these Professional dyes before, you need to know that certain chemicals are required (like Soda Ash Fixative) and others are recommended, for these dyes to work properly.

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It takes about an hour for this reaction to occur fully and set the dye.Include golden yellow, fire red, scarlet, chinese red and new black.In tie dye the edges go a slightly purple gray which blends well with most colors but is a very strong dye and tends to overtake the colors next to it so be aware of that.They may vary from monitor to monitor (depending on the quality and your personal settings) and may not match actual dyed fabrics.Ludigal is a mild oxidizing agent that helps to prevent dyes from decomposing during fixation.On protein you can use soda ash,but it can damage silk if you soak it for long periods of time.First be certain there is no residue or finish on the wood or reed to prevent the dye from seeping in.

Note that more precise results can be achieved using a scale and our Procion Dye Yields Estimator.I bought Moss Green which is very rich and deep Sapphire Blue which is a very true darker blue (no reds or greens in it) Peony - very lovely pink but can be quite intense when more of the dye is used and Imperial Purple which is one of the most beautiful inky sexy purples.

The second auxiliary required is soda ash which increases the pH of the dye bath which enables the dye to react with the fiber molecules and fix onto the cloth.Dyes the silk really well, stains the cellulose a much lighter shade.

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